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The 3-in-1 LED Rechargeable Flashlight Kit comes complete with 3 quick-connect interchangeable heads. The lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body and its ergonomic design make it easy to manipulate. An integrated magnetic base allows for hands-free applications on magnetic surfaces. Use the magnetic swivel hook and holder attachment when no metallic surface is available. Featuring a full 360-degrees swivel hook with a 180-degree swing magnetic holder. Simply clip on the power base or using the intergrated base end to the magnetic holder part of the hook. The 3-in-1 LED  Rechargeable Flashlight Kit is ideal for home and professional use as well as outdoor activities. 

    ● 3 Quick-connect inter-changeable light heads: Flashlight, Work light and Flexible light

    ● 5 light modes; high, medium, and low, strobe and SOS.

    ● Flashlight and Flexible Light heads offer adjustable beam focus

    ● Rechargeable power base with micro-USB port and Integrated magnetic base for hands free operation.

    ● Battery status Indicator light

    ● Efficient 2600mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

    ● Durable and lightweight aircraft grade aluminum construction.

    ● Includes storage carrying pouch, Micro USB to Type A USB Cable (24 inches), magnetic hook & holder

  • 1 × 600 lumen flashlight head
  • 1 × 400 lumen work light head
  • 1 × 200 lumen flexible light head
  • 1 × rechargeable power base with 2600mAh Li-ion battery
  • 1 × Micro USB to Type A USB cable
  • 1 × magnetic hook & holder
  • 1 × storage carrying case

Flashlight SMD LED
High: 3 H 
Medium: 6 H 
Low: 12 H
High: 600 LM
Medium: 300 LM
Low: 150 LM

8531 ft /

260 m

Work Light COB White High: 3 H 
Medium: 6 H
Low: 15 H
High: 400 LM
Medium: 200 LM
Low: 100 LM

98.4 ft /

30 m

Flexible Light SMD LED High: 6.5 H 
Medium: 11.5 H
Low: 26 H
High: 200 LM
Medium: 100 LM
Low: 50 LM

328 ft /

100 m

  Dimensions Weight
Rechargeable Power Base Φ1.3 × 5.43 in / Φ33 × 141 mm 0.38 lb / 170 g
Flashlight Head Φ1.38 × 2.76 in / Φ35 × 70 mm 0.15 lb / 68 g
Work Light Head Φ1.38 × 9.06 in / Φ35 × 230 mm 0.19 lb / 87 g
Flexible Gooseneck Head Φ1.24 × 17 in / Φ31.5 × 432 mm 0.23 lb / 103 g

Frequently Asked Questions

Possible causes (C) & solutions (S)

  • Light does not turn on

C: There is no battery in the power base. S: Install the battery that is provided in the pouch.

C: There is no power in the battery. S: Recharge the battery fully for the first use.
C: Battery is not installed with correct polarity. S: Negative pole should be facing outward.

C:The cap at the power base is not fastened.  S: Turn the end cap securely.

  • Light flashes

C: There is no battery in the light and USB cable is connected to the light. S: Insert the battery that is provided in the pouch.

C:The cap of the power base is not fastened.  S: Turn the end cap securely.

  • Can I use primary batteries for the light kit

No. The product is designed to be powered by rechargeable batteries. The primary battery size and voltage are not suitable for the light kit.  

  • Can I use other Li-ion battery for the light kit

It is recommended to use the battery that is provided in the package. For replacement, please contact the customer service. 

  • How to change the focus

Only flashlight and flexlight have focus adjustment function

Slide the light head in and out to adjust the focus.

  • Product is hot when use or during charging

It is normal that the product is a bit warm during use or charging.

  • Cannot change light mode

If the light stays on for more than 4 seconds, it will turn off when you press the on/off switch. Press on/off button within 4 seconds to change the light modes.

  • Is this product waterproof

The product is rated IP54. It can be used in the rain.

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