About Camelion

Company Profile

Every living being requires energy to sustain and grow, and that is how the Camelion has come to be it — to bring our energy products the double spirit advantage of super endurance inspired by Camel, together with that of infinite power inspired by Lion.

Thereby, infinite power, endurable life and ecological sensitivity for a more sustainable living environment constitute the core business concept of Camelion.


Since 1997, Camelion has been specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of sustainable and environment-friendly energy solutions including primary batteries, rechargeable batteries, lightings as well as other power related products.


Over the decades, Camelion has earned high reputation in the market based on its superior product quality and performances.

Today, Camelion has been actively operating in over 120 countries as one of the most influential battery brands in collaboration with our business partners across the continents. We assure that people can get the Camelion products and services anywhere and anytime across the globe.


In all we do, we strive to inspire sustainability and creativity, and to take our social responsibility as a global brand for a more dynamic and harmony society.

Corporte Vision

To be the leading brand in providing battery and power solutions to our customers worldwide. 

Corporte Mission
To provide top quality innovative battery and power solutions for home and personal devices.