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  ●   Stainless steel material with elegant design, pretty good texture and long-life usage
  ●   Cute pocket clip for easy attachment to shirt pockets, trouser pockets, belts, lab coats or bags

  ●   Perfect size to fit in hands and applied easily
  ●   Simple structure, one-button on/off easy to operate  

  ●   T220 is equipped with special vacuum bulb for medical diagnosis on eyes, ears and noses, etc.



● Battery Type: 5000mAh 18.5Wh Li-polymer battery
 ● Battery Voltage: 3.7V
 ● Mobile Power Charging Time: 3 hours(Appr)
 ● Input:Micro USB Input: 5V﹍2 A 
 ● Type C Input: 5V﹍2A
 ● Output: USB Output: 5V﹍2.1A 
 ● Wireless Charging:5W Max
 ● USB + Wireless Charging output: 10W Max
 ● Accessories: USB to Micro USB Cord L=1.2m


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